CAP your lipstick because it’s time to level up your talent.

Connect with people, services, and products that match your unique needs.
Advertise your talent brand by raising awareness to reach your audience.
Promote your plans through a variety of platforms and channels.

Who are you, who are we, what is this?

Musicians, Vocalists, Actors, Dancers, Designers, Models, Comedians, Artists, and Writers, are you ready to jump in and learn about what it takes to grow your lifelong dream?

What is Slate Agency?

Slate Agency is an Advertising Agency that is in the process of transforming into a Talent Development Agency. Jump Promotions is the daughter company of Slate Agency. Get a jump start on your life path and turn your hobby into full-time passion OR advance what you’re already doing.

What is the Slate Agency Network?

Advertisers, Producers, Publishers, Agencies, Investors, Accountants, and Entrepreneurs join the Slate Agency Network, a safety net for artists and performers. It’s free! We will refer you and all we ask is that you tell others about Slate Agency and Jump Promotions.

Coming Soon!

Courses, webinars, e-books, and more news, reviews, interviews, and how-to’s!